Prior HIT Investment Initiatives

Some of the HIT’s past investment initiatives that have provided meaningful community benefits across the U.S. are described below:

  • The Construction Jobs Initiative (2009 - 2017) was the HIT’s response to the recession and its devastating effects on working people and their communities.
  • The Chicago Community Investment Plan (CCIP) (2005 - 2015) was a multifamily investment initiative announced by the HIT and the city of Chicago in 2005 to help Chicago address housing and community development needs.
  • The Illinois Housing Initiative (2005 - 2011) was a joint effort of the HIT and the Illinois Housing Development Authority, also launched in 2005, to help the state’s needs for affordable and mixed-income housing.
  • Section 8 Community Investment Demonstration Program (1994 - 2000) was a nationwide pilot program to expand affordable housing in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The HIT was HUD’s largest partner in the demonstration program and was awarded $115 million in project-based Section 8 rental assistance in 1994 and 1995.
  • Homeownership Initiatives – The HIT has carried out various initiatives to expand homeownership opportunities for working families around the country (1991 - 2012).
    • HIT Home – initially a nationwide single-family mortgage program to expand homeownership opportunities for union members and certain municipal employees. HIT Home later operated in New York City, providing mortgage loans for New York City union members and beneficiaries of the New York City Retirement Systems (2000 - 2012).
    • Homeownership Opportunity Initiative (HOI) – mortgage loan program serving union members in the Pacific Northwest (1998 – 2002).
    • ProLoan – single family program offering forward commitments for homes in union-built subdivisions in St. Louis and Chicago (1991 - 1997).