Union Labor Policies

The AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust requires 100% union construction on the projects it finances.

  • The good jobs generated by this requirement are an important collateral benefit for the Trust's investors.
  • The labor requirement also benefits housing developers and contractors by assuring that projects are built by highly skilled workers.

The HIT is committed to assisting developers and contractors to meet the union labor requirement and assure the success of their projects. That assistance is offered through the HIT's unique Labor Relations Services.

The union labor requirement is carried out in conformity with the HIT's primary investment objective of generating competitive risk-adjusted returns for its Participants. For example:

  • Union workers add value to HIT-financed projects through the skills, knowledge and experience they bring to the job.
  • The 100% union labor requirement benefits the HIT's investments by promoting positive labor relations and productivity on financed projects, while also minimizing any possible costs associated with labor-management disputes.